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Door Closer Service Company
Door Closer Service Company - We're More Than Just Door Closers!!!

We carry a varied selection of electric strikes and solenoid parts from Adams Rite, HES and Rutherford. As the manufacturers distributor, we carry the largest selection of door closers and parts for Casma/Speedy, Dor-O-Matic, Dorma, International, Jackson, Kawneer, LCN, Norton, OMV, Rixson, Door Closer Service (our private label closers).

In addition we stock a full line of Panic Exit Devices from Adams Rite, Dor-O-Matic, International, Jackson and Yale. We even carry a full line of parts for these Exit devices. We have a wide selection of door latch protectors, strike plates, door stops and door push and pull plates from Don-Jo, Ives and WIKK.

Our product line also includes continuous hinges from Roton, hinges from Hager and Bommer, pivots from KIS, VA Glass, YKK, Vistawall, thresholds from Pemko and weatherstripping from Sealeze.
Adj. Top Pivot (Female Door Portion)
Adj. Top Pivot (Female Door Portion)
An Adjustable Top Pivot is the female portion of the top pivot located in the top rail of an all glass door. The pivot adjusts the door from frame to frame. Adjustable block and track assembly for easy adjustment.
Concealed Overhead Closers
Concealed Overhead Closers
Door Closer Services own brand of concealed overhead closers. Our concealed overhead closers provide smooth operation at a quality price. Brass adjustment valves fully adjustable after installation. They are exact replacments for Calibre, Dorma, International, Jackson, and Kawneer concealed overhead closers.
Dummy Arms
Dummy Arms
Side Load, Offset, and End Load Retrofit Dummy Arms for Concealed Door Checks to Surface-Mounted, Retrofit to Surface-Mounted & Concealed Overhead Door Closers. Retrofits for Rixson, Doromatic, Pittco, Dorma, MAB, Jackson, Kawneer Husky, and Dorma.
Door Pressure Gauge
Door Pressure Gauge
A door pressure gauge is an instrument designed to measure the opening force of a door. They help to determine if the door meets A.D.A. Regulations. The Door Pressure Gauge is used by Building and Fire Code Inspectors, Architects and Contractors, Building Maintenance Engineers, Elevator Engineers and Door and Hardware Professionals.
Glass Door Locks
Glass Door Locks
A glass door lock is made for locking the bottoms of glass doors with a mortise cylinder. They are fixed in the bottom rails of glass doors and or patch fittings.
Kick Down Door Stops
Kick Down Door Stops
A doorstop (also door stopper or door stop) is an object or device used to hold a door open or closed, or to prevent a door from opening too widely. Alternatively, a doorstop can be a thin slat built inside a door frame to prevent a door from swinging through when closed.
Reinforcing Plates
Reinforcing Plates
Spring Hinges
Spring Hinges
Surface Bolts
Surface Bolts
Surface Closers
Surface Closers
Door Closer Services own brand of surface closer. Our surface closers provide smooth operation at a quality price. Cast aluminum body structure for long lasting operation. Standard replacements for brands like Norton, Hager, and LCN etc.
All Glass Door Weatherstripping
All Glass Door Weatherstripping
Prevents drafts, light, rain, wind, dust, snow, fumes, insects, and rodents from entering. All glass door weatherstripping made for non-frame glass doors. Made for 1/2" & 3/4" Glass Doors. Select from slip-on or adhesive backed weatherstripping.
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