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1295 36

1295 36" (3ft.) Push Pad Rim Exit Device with 'C' Strike1295 36" (3ft.) Push Pad Rim Exit Device with 'C' Strike

1295 36" (3ft.) Push Pad Rim Exit Device with 'C' Strike

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Total Price: $188.21

{Description}Product Description & Features:
• Designed for Use with 1-3/4" Narrow, Medium, and Wide Stile Aluminum, Wood or Hollow Metal Doors
• "Soft-Touch" Smooth Action Push-Pad
• Can Be Cut to Size
• Standard Hex Key Dogging
• The 1200 Series touch pad with "Soft-Touch" insert requires slight pressure anywhere on the bar insert for instant release of the locking mechanism.
• Overall projection is only 2-7/8" (73 mm) from the door surface, and mounting hardware is concealed.
• Active outside trim and other panic accessories are available.

• Stocked in 36" (914 mm) Width
• Surface Mounted Roller Strike Standard
• Requires Rim Cylinder for Keyed Entry

• Base and Push-Pad: Extruded Aluminum
• Mechanical Components: Stainless and Hardened, Plated Steel
• Latch and Strikes: Sintered Steel
• Metal End Caps
• Handed: Left Hand Reverse Bevel (LHRB) or Right Hand Reverse Bevel (RHRB)

• 628 - Aluminum
• 313 - Dark Bronze {Reviews} {Related Products} {Finishes}Available in the following finishes:

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