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30-2652 Base End Cap Package for 1285

30-2652 Base End Cap Package for 1285

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Total Price: $49.29

{Description}Product Description & Features:
• Direct replacement end caps for CRL Jackson® Model 1285 Exit Devices
• Includes Mounting Hardware for End Caps
• CRL Jackson® Exit Devices are universally recognized as the standard for aluminum storefront hardware
• This Base End Cap Package provides both the active side and inactive side end caps, and mounting hardware for the Model 1285, and will help maintain its smooth, reliable operation
• Aluminum Material
• Package includes two end caps, one bracket mounting screw, and 4 end mounting screws. This product was just upgraded to a metal cover, which will replace the old plastic cover.

Old Jackson part # 30-2661

• 628 - Aluminum
• 313 - Dark Bronze {Reviews} {Related Products} {Finishes}Available in the following finishes:

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