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4104-02 Flat Mounting Bridge

4104-02 Flat Mounting Bridge4104-02 Flat Mounting Bridge

4104-02 Flat Mounting Bridge

Price: $6.00

{Description}Product Description & Features:
• Flat style mounting bridge
• Method “A” spans the stile with a steel bridge at the top and bottom of the lock. A simple handle (Adams Rite Installation Tool 4075) is used to position the bridge accurately in the stile while its two screws are tightened to form a “web” in the door. Resilient washers allow for minor adjustment to fit the lock flush in the door.
• Lock mounting methods for narrow stile aluminum doors – the most prevalent methods of mounting locks and latches within the hollow tube stile of glass doors are shown in the accompanying illustrations. {PDFs} Click on the links below to download Catalog Information, instructions & templates for this product: {Reviews} {Related Products}

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