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608 Series Non-Hold Open Concealed Overhead Closer - LAP

608 Series Non-Hold Open Concealed Overhead Closer - LAP

608 Series Non-Hold Open Concealed Overhead Closer - LAP

Price: $239.50

• Single or Double Acting, Non-handed
• Exterior or Interior Doors
• Low to Moderate Traffic
• Weight to 200 lbs.
• Ideal for store front, moderate traffic aluminum doors and frames (Offset Applications)

Spring Size:
- 608
• Exterior Door Size 3'6" x 8'0" (1067 x 2438mm)
• Interior Door Size 3'8" x 8'0" (1118 x 2438mm)

Product Description & Features:
• Closer body only, no parts included
• Available in non-hold open (door swings to 130° each direction).
• Available in non-hold open 105° & 90°
• Product should always be used with auxiliary stop
• 1-3/4 Doors
• Adjustable closing and latch speeds.
• Not available with cold weather fluid or delayed action
• On single acting center hung application frame stop is required
• 1/2" longer than standards spindle is available and must be ordered ar part of the closer, it cannot be added later
{Degree of Opening}
• Floor Closers/Concealed Overhead Closers may have a stop or limitation on the degrees of swing that a door will open. The purpose of this stop is to prevent the door from hitting a wall or other architectural feature.

• Typical swings are at 90 or 105 degrees.

• Door hardware may require that a door swing to only 85 degrees to prevent exterior handles from hitting a wall. Similarly, hardware on the push side of the door may require that the door swing further than 90 degrees to clear the opening of protruding hardware.

• For closers that do not have a dead stop, you may need to utilize an overhead holder/stop to prevent a door from swinging past the required stop point. {Reviews} {Related Products}

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