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8211-628 Clear Anodized Narrow Stile Surface Vertical Rod Exit Device

8211-628 Clear Anodized Narrow Stile Surface Vertical Rod Exit Device

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Price: $546.60

{Description}Product Description & Features:
• Patented top latching mechanism interlocks door to frame
• Strong, durable construction for a high level of security
• Adjustable steel rods protected in contoured covers
• Easy to install
• Clean, unobtrusive design
• Pushbar clad or anodized, not plated, in a variety of finishes

• UL 305 Panic Hardware
• Warnock/Hersey Life-Safety Listing
• ANSI/BHMA A156.3 Grade 1
• California State Fire Marshall
• New York City MEA*
*Consult Factory for specific number

Materials: Pushbar made of extruded aluminum, clad or anodized in a variety of finishes.
Handing: Device is non-handed. Lever Entry Trim is field reversible.
Pushbar Length: Standard sizes: dimensioned for 30”, 36”, 42”, and 48” openings. Standard width bars can be field cut to the next smallest opening width.
Bar Height: Standard model adjusts from 30” to 44”.
Door Height: Standard model fits up to 8 ft door, with bar height at 40”- 44”. For doors up to 10 ft, use Tall Door Kit 8055.
Door Thickness: Suits 1-3/4” standard, up to 2-1/4”.
Stile Width: Minimum 2” stile. Fits narrow, medium, and wide stile aluminum doors.
Projection: 2-15/16” when fully projected, 1-15/16”when dogged.
Dogging: Standard dogging with hex key or cylinder dogging option. Electric dogging also available.
Fasteners: Standard self-tapping screws.
Cylinders: (available separately): See LOCK CYLINDERS for cylinder make, thumbturn and trim ring information.
Cylinder x Fixed Pull: (Function 03): Accepts any standard rim cylinder.

3080 Entry Trim (Functions 08, 09): Accepts any standard diameter mortise cylinder with MS® cam. Accommodates cylinder lengths from 1” to 1-1/4”. (Available separately).

Warranty: Five year limited.

Bolts and Strikes: The patented top latching mechanism utilizes a rotating top bolt which deadlatches around the header strike, interlocking the door to the frame. Supplied with standard header strike. The hexagonal, hardened steel bottom bolt is shielded in a cast housing for strength and stability.

Options and Accessories:
Silent Electrification Motorized Latch Retraction: The SE Motorized Latch Retraction option provides near-silent operation for quiet environments such as hospitals, offices, hotels, and libraries where solenoid-driven devices would be disruptive.

Electric Latch Retraction: The LR option uses a solenoid mounted in the pushbar for instantaneous unlocking and locking of the exit device from a remote location or access control device. LR option is not available on rim type exit devices (see EL option).

Alarmed Exit Device: This battery-operated option emits a loud (95 decibel) alarm to notify management of unauthorized exit. Available on minimum opening width 36". Cannot be ordered with other exit device options.

Request to Exit (REX) – Monitor / Signal Switch: Mounted in the exit device pushbar on the hinge end, the switch can be used to activate signal light, horn, monitor, or other devices.

Cylinder Dogging: For management control of dogging exit devices for life-safety exit devices only.

Electric Dogging: A holding magnet keeps the pushbar depressed (set manually) and the latch retracted for lower profile exit devices, resulting in less damage and quieter operation.

Matching End Caps: Matching end caps are available for applications where it is preferable that the end caps match the finish of the exit device. Available for US finishes only {PDFs} Click on the links below to download Catalog Information, instructions & templates for this product: {Reviews} {Related Products}

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