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CP/TX-HH2 Hand-Held Micro-Transmitter

CP/TX-HH2 Hand-Held Micro-TransmitterCP/TX-HH2 Hand-Held Micro-Transmitter

CP/TX-HH2 Hand-Held Micro-Transmitter

Price: $60.00

{Description}Product Description & Features
• The CP/TX-HH2 is a programmable two button hand held micro-transmitter that will provide reliable wireless activation of automatic doors.
• In addition to being multi-button, this single device provides 3 selectable frequencies: High Definition Radio Control™ (HDRC™),300 MHz and 390 MHz.
• High Definition Radio Control™ is the latest breakthrough in radio frequency (RF) signal transmission.
• Unlike conventional RF systems in use today, HDRC™ uses sophisticated componentry to transmit a fixed frequency signal that does not distort due to outside interference.
• This fixed signal is then transmitted through a proprietary "electronic filter" in the receiver ensuring door activation occurs.
• For added versatility, the CP/TX-HH-2 includes the two most widely used conventional frequencies, 300 MHz and 390 MHz.
• A simple slide switch allows the CP/TX-HH-2 to be used interchangeably with past MS SEDCO products and other manufacturer's products utilizing these frequencies. {PDFs} Click on the links below to download Catalog Information, instructions & templates for this product: {Reviews} {Related Products}

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