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Door Pulls & Push Plates

• Door pulls and push plates are used on the interior and exterior of doors for applications where no door handles or locks are needed. They are used on commercial, residential, bathroom, and restaurant door applications. Push & pull plates are used to help protect doors in high-traffic areas. Matching finish mounting screws are included for easy installation.

47 Series Single Push Bar

(Door Pulls - Push Bars)


70 Push Plate

(Door Push & Pull Plates)


7010 Pull Plate

(Door Push & Pull Plates)


BF157 10" CTC Offset 90° Door Pull

(Door Pulls - Push Bars)


BF157A 9" CTC Offset 90° Door Pull

(Door Pulls - Push Bars)


BF157A47 US32D Push Pull Set 36" CTC

(Door Pulls - Push Bars)


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