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Exit Devices - Panic Bars

• A crash bar (also known as a panic bar, exit device, panic device, or a push bar) is a form of lever tumbler lock for unlocking a door during emergency conditions. The mechanism consists of a spring-loaded metal bar fixed horizontally to the inside of an outward-opening door. When the lever is either pushed or depressed, it activates a mechanism which unlatches the door allowing occupants to leave quickly from the building. Building codes (or regulations) which require all public buildings have a minimum number of fire and emergency exits. Crash bars are fitted to these types of doors because they are proven to save lives in the event of an emergency. Emergency exits are required, the crash bar works efficiently to allow people to pass through security doors without a reduction in speed.

4700 Rim Panic Exit Device

(Exit Devices - Panic Bars)


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7101-EO Concealed Vertical Rod Panic Bar Exit Device

(Concealed Vertical Rod Panic Bar Exit Devices)


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