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H28 Series Non-Hold Open Center Hung Floor Closer - Complete

Rixson H28 Complete Closer with pivot shown

H28 Series Non-Hold Open Center Hung Floor Closer - Complete

Price: $1,491.50

-Single Acting, Handed
-Exterior or Interior Doors
-Extra Heavy High Traffic Doors
-Weight to 1000 lbs.
-Sizes up to 4'0" x 8'6" * (1219 x 2591mm)

Product Description & Features:
• For high traffic or extra heavy doors (2" min. thickness)
• Additional thrust bearing for greater load capacity
• Built-in positive dead stop prevents door from swinging beyond the desired opening degree (specify 85, 90, 95 or 105°)
• Separate and independent valves for closing speed, latch speed and backcheck
• Available non-hold open (N) or selective hold open (S) at same degree as dead stop
• Delayed action option – prefix “DA” (non-hold open closers only)
• Models available to meet ICC/ANSI A117.1 low opening force requirements, prefix “PH”. (For 8-1/2 lbs. of opening force prefix “PH” and suffix “8-1/2 lbs.”)
• Sealed closer option – specify “SC”
• Available with floor plate or threshold installation (floor plate shown)
• Cast iron cement case
• Standard top pivot: H340 included
• Not allowed for fire rated doors
• Frame stop required at header on lock side. If not supplied by frame manufacturer, recommend use of 60131
• Furnished with wood and machine screws
• Extended spindles available in 1/2" increments up to 2" longer than standard

Technical Information:
• (Frame stop required at lock edge)
• ANSI/C06061
• * For doors taller than 8'6"use top pivot #H345 in lieu of H340
• Pivot edge of door must be radiused

Complete Closer Contents:
• H28 Series Floor Closer Body
• 253001 1" Cast Iron Cement Case
• H340 Top Center Hung Pivot
• 284720 Floor Plate Package
• 259000 Spindle Shoulder Collar {Handing Help} {Reviews} {Related Products}

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