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HL6 Push / Pull Latch (Hospital Latch)

HL6 Push / Pull Latch (Hospital Latch)HL6 Push / Pull Latch (Hospital Latch)

HL6 Push / Pull Latch (Hospital Latch)

Price: $188.00

{Description}Product Description & Features:
• Glynn-Johnson offers a complete line of door hardware, providing solutions for the most complex door control problems. The HL6 Push/Pull Latch offers versatility and durability for commercial and institutional settings. These models are designed for commercial and institutional doors up to 1-3/4", including fire doors. For doors over 1-3/4" please specify door thickness.

Six Mounting Positions:
• Increases versatility
• Suits a wide range of applications
• Mounts in any of six positions
- Handles down
- Handles up
- One handle up, one handle down (either push or pull)
- Handles point away from latch
- Handles point toward latch

Backset Size: 5"

Two Strike Sizes:
- Standard – 2-3/4"
- ASA – 4-7/8"

Option: L -Lead Lined

Finish: US26D

Unmatched Convenience:
- Non-Handed
- Variable mounting positions
- No fusible link to fail
- UL listed for all labeled metal or wood doors

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