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J140---04BL20SP (4X8) 8FT. Jamb Seal Kit

J140---04BL20SP (4X8) 8FT. Jamb Seal KitJ140---04BL20SP (4X8) 8FT. Jamb Seal Kit

J140---04BL20SP (4X8) 8FT. Jamb Seal Kit

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Total Price: $52.59

{Description}Product Description & Features:
• easy to install, no maintenance
• lasts the life of the door
• environmentally sound addition to Integrated Pest Management
• UL listed (for brush up to 4 inches)
• seals docklevelers and hangar doors, overhead and entrance doors
• energy efficient
• effective to -70° F
• seals out drafts, light, rain, wind, dust, snow, fumes, insects and rodents
• J140 kits come with screw slots for after-installation adjustments.
• Fasteners and installation instructions are provided with all kits.
• UL listed jamb kits provide reliable seals without restricting automatic door closers.
• Tested for 2,000,000 cycles by Scovill Laboratories, these high-quality brush seals provide long-lasting, cost-effective service.

• Size (feet): 4' X 8'
• Door Length (inches): 0.41"

• Clear
• Dark Bronze {Reviews} {Related Products}

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