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RTS88 Concealed Overhead Closer Body - Size 4

RTS88 Body with 8831 Side Load ArmRTS88 Body DimensionsRTS88 Size Selector ChartRTS88 Cross Reference Chart

RTS88 Concealed Overhead Closer Body - Size 4

Price: $164.00

{Description}Product Description & Features:
RTS88 Closer Body Only
• Accommodates a maximum door weight of 250 lb.
• Compact closer body is designed to fit into headers as small as 1-3/4" x 4"
• Closer body is non-handed
• One closer for both single-acting or double-acting doors.
• A pressure relief valve protects closer from damage caused by forced closing.
• An integral positive stop limits door swing to 90º or 105º. An auxiliary stop should always be installed in conjunction with RTS88.
• A mechanical backcheck slows down the door prior to contact with the positive stop.
• Closing speeds are controlled by two non-critical adjustment valves. Sweep area is from 105º to 20º. Latch area is from 20º to 0º
• Thermostatic valves insure constant closing speeds under varying temperatures.
• The standard RTS-88 is furnished without hold open. Optional single point mechanical hold open is available at 90º or 105º.
• The RTS88 BFI and RTS 88 BFE are available in 105º NHO
• The RTS88 offers a cast-iron body along with heavy-duty ball bearings at the spindle.
• Steel cam and roller assembly is coupled to dual steel pistons.
• Mounting brackets are available to install closer into aluminum or wood headers.
• Packages are available for side load, end load, and offset slide arm applications. For independently hung doors with 8812 slide arm, the maximum degree of opening and hold open angle may vary slightly.
• No. 8532 steel header mounting channel is specifically designed to install the RTS series closer into open-throat steel header sections. Normally, the mounting channel is installed in the header prior to shipment to the job site.
• No. 8521E add-on spindle extension is available for special applications where additional clearance is required between the closer body and the door.
• Cover plates are available for virtually any type header material.
• The RTS88 is manufactured to conform with the requirements of ANSI A156.4.
Spring Tension Size: Size 4
Degree of Opening: 90º or 105º Swing
Functions: Non-Hold Open or Hold Open

{Degree of Opening}
• Floor closers may have a stop or limitation on the degrees of swing that a door will open. The purpose of this stop is to prevent the door from hitting a wall or other architectural feature.

• Typical swings are at 90 or 105 degrees.

• Door hardware may require that a door swing to only 85 degrees to prevent exterior handles from hitting a wall. Similarly, hardware on the push side of the door may require that the door swing further than 90 degrees to clear the opening of protruding hardware.

• For closers that do not have a dead stop, you may need to utilize an overhead holder/stop to prevent a door from swinging past the required stop point. {PDFs} Click on the links below to download Catalog Information, instructions & templates for this product: {Reviews} {Related Products}

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