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Specialty Floor Closers

Designed for interior doors that have lower usage (10-500 cycles a day). They are perfect for high-end residential or interior office spaces. They are unique in performance and design. With case depths of 3 inches or less, they are ideal for thin slab applications for wood floor installations.

102026 Duo-Chek 626 Arm Package

(Specialty Floor Closers)


103000 Duo-Chek Cement Case

(Specialty Floor Closers)


104020 Duo-Check Floor Plate Package

(Specialty Floor Closers)


350 Dwarf Closer - LAP

(Specialty Floor Closers)


Duo-Chek 10 Hold Open Center Hung Floor Closer

(Specialty Floor Closers)


Duo-Chek 15 Hold Open Center Hung Floor Closer

(Specialty Floor Closers)


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